Race, Gender, Age and Disability Discrimination

Federal, state and local laws prohibit employment discrimination based upon numerous “protected” characteristics.  These prohibitions apply during the hiring process, during the employment relationship and sometimes after the conclusion of the employment relationship.  During his legal career, Marc has handled hundreds of discrimination claims under a diverse array of federal, state and local laws, including cases involving:

  • Race, gender and national origin discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment (a subset of gender discrimination);
  • Religious discrimination;
  • Age discrimination;
  • Pregnancy discrimination; and
  • Disability discrimination, including discrimination based on “association” with a disabled person.

Marc spent the first seven years of his legal career defending employers against claims of discrimination brought by employees.  Since 2000, Marc has continued to represent employers facing discrimination claims and has also expanded his practice to include representon of private sector and federal employees who have experienced discrimination in the workplace.